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Welcome To Rabbit Jumping UK (RJUK)


Although the rabbit is the 3rd most popular pet in the UK, it is sadly the most neglected. RJUK aims to change this old fashioned view that a rabbit can be kept in a hutch at the bottom of the garden and how do we plan to change this view?....... Education! We believe that education is the key to changing people’s views on rabbit welfare, rather than just telling people what to do we feel that it would be much better to encourage people to get involved at events so there is something for everyone to do at our organised events! Through our displays and events we hope to promote the welfare of rabbits and encourage people to use new and safe methods of enriching their rabbit’s life!











RJUK supports Rabbit Welfare Assoication & Fund but raising much needed money for many small animal rescues. RJUK is in full support of The Camp Nibble petition to improve the lives of UK rabbits by introducing a new welfare standard, please visit www.campnibble.com to find out more and sign!

17/07/13 There have been some huge changes made to RJUK! Although the promotion of rabbit jumping and rabbit welfare is still our main aim, we are now looking into other avenues of involving rescues so that we can all work alongside each other to promote better rabbit welfare and care for our much loved pets!


08/06/13 Today was Honley Show 2013. It was a great success and the rabbits put on a great display especially 2 rabbits who are new to Rabbit Jumping UK - Sebastiaan and Rupert.


19/08/12  Mirfield show took place today. Hector, Mickey, Bumble, Digby and Miffy all put on a reat display and we helped raise money for the Rabbit Welfare Assosiation and Fund.


01/07/12  We had another jumping practice in Halifax. There weren't many rabbits but all of them did well and it was nice to see a beginner jumper so eager to jump! Click here to watch a video of the pra3ctice!


16/06/12 Today 3 of RJUK's dutch rabbits took part in a little jumping display at Bramley Cavies Small Animal Rescue's Summer Event. The rabbits did well and it was good to be able to help out to raise money for a rescue despite the rain! We would love to help raise money at future animal rescue events.


05/05/12 We have had our 3rd Rabbit Jumping Practice in West Yorkshire. It went very well! We now have our 7 jump course planned out for up-coming shows so the rabbits have been jumping it so that they become familiar with the routine. The rabbits that took part in the practice really seemed to enjoy themselves and they jumped great! 2 young bunnies, Patch and Delilah, that went to the practice last month have improved and can now jump a full course of jumps not just one or two. Really shows that if you keep up practising with the bunnies, then they do get better! Click here to watch the video from the practice.


15/04/12 We had another rabbit jumping practice at Sowood Community Centre, Halifax. It went very well, seeing some of our current jumpers jumping brilliantly as well as 3 young rabbits with a lot of potential!


25/03/12 Today we had our first group rabbit jumping practice in West Yorkshire! Quite a few people turned up with their bunnies to take part and they all jumped well. It was lovely to see some new people getting involved and their rabbits seemed to love it too!


28/1/12 & 29/1/12  The Burgess Premier Small Animal how was a success, we had a lot of interest in the rabbit jumping and it was great to speak to so many people. 10 rabbits from the UK took part in the display; Russell, Rukia, Mischief, Tinkerbell, Rowan, Sugar, Spice, Buddy, Max and Rory. There were 4 Swedish rabbits at the show who took part in the 'Rabbit Grand National' and they were amazing. We hope that many more people have taken an interest in this sport!


5/11/11 - We had another jump practice at Huddersfield BRC show. 9 rabbits had a go and they all have improved a lot! Here's a video of 2 of the bunnies that took part.


2/10/11 - Today we had a jumping practice outside at Huddersfield BRC show. It was lots of fun and 7 rabbits took part.


21/8/11 - 4 rabbits were entered into Mirfield's rabbits jumping competition, competitors from as far as London and Scotland came to take part. Here you can watch a video of the bunnies who took part!


13/8/11 - Halifax show was great, unfortunately 2 fantastic jumping rabbits, Jasper and Harry, were not able to come to the show as they are no longer with us. However, the 5 rabbits that were entered put on a brilliant competition.


11/6/11 - Honley show went well, 5 rabbits were entered and there was a large interested crowd and they and the rabbits loved it!


4/6/11 - It's Honley Show a week today, the place where it all began. We're expecting a few new faces, and we will again be sponsored by Supreme Pet Foods. See the 'Event' page for more information.


31/5/11 - The Honley Show practise went well. We set up two courses, a low and a high and saw three baby Dutch with great potential!


8/5/11 - The London Pet Show was a success, the crowds were huge and the public loved it, some saying they only came to the show to see us! There were 4 british (Charlotte with 'Russel', Nicole with 'Rukia' and Demi with 'Harley' and 'Baby Ambra') and 4 swedish jumpers, rather than the two of each originally planned. A big thanks to Burgess pet foods!


4/4/11 - The 'Event' page has been updated, 2 british jumpers alongside 2 swedish jumpers will be doing a display at 'The London Pet Show'.


3/2/11 - We're on the way to setting up the official club! The new website and email address has been set up and the draft constitution has been sent out for people to make suggestions on what might need changing. Once everyone is happy with the constitution we can have our first meeting and elect committee members.


 - We had 9 UK jumpers at the 'Burgess Premier Small Animal Show' (Previously Bradford Champs') doing a jumping display. We were also jumping alonside 4 champion rabbits from Sweden. This was a great experience for us, as not only did we get to speak to some Swedish jumpers in person who gave us lots of advice, we also got to see how their jumps and harnesses are made and how their rabbits are handled. A big thankyou to them for coming over! They also gave us UK jumpers a present, a wonderful new jump made by Libra Artic (A proffesional jump maker in Sweden) with their countries flag and the Swedish Rabbit Hopping Association logo.


4/12/10 - We had four jumpers at Huddersfield show so we set up a few jumps in the corner to practise once the show rabbits had been judged.


22/8/10 - There were 7 rabbits entered in the jumping at Mirfield Agricultural Show. 1st in the beginner class was 'Baby Ambra' owned by Demi Smith, 2nd was 'Penny' owned by Charlotte Mclatchie. In the intermediate class, 1st was 'Smudge' owned by Maureen Hoyle. In the advanced class 1st was 'Russel' owned by Charlotte Mclatchie, 2nd was 'Harley' owned by Demi Smith and 3rd was 'Rowan' owned by Vivien Jamieson. Thanks to A.B. Equine for the rosettes and Supreme Pet Foods for suplying prizes.


12/6/10 - There were 9 rabbits entered in the jumping at Honley Agricultural Show. 1st in the beginner class was a REW cross breed (10.3 seconds), 2nd was 'Ben' owned by Ann Daniels (13.4 seconds) and 3rd was 'Smudge' owned by Maureen Hoyle (22 seconds). 1st in the intermediate class was 'Jasper' owned by Emma Lassey (10.1 seconds), 2nd was 'Russel' owned by Charlotte Mclatchie (23.2 seconds) and 3rd was 'Flash' owned by Demi Smith. In the advanced class, 1st was 'Rowan' owned by Vivien Jamieson (12.7 seconds) and 2nd was 'Harley' owned by Demi Smith (12.9 seconds). In the height class, 1st was 'Harley' (41.5cm) and 2nd was 'Rowan' (31.5). Thanks to Supreme Pet Foods for supplying prizes.


30/1/09 & 31/1/09 - There were 8 rabbits entered in the jumping at the 'Bradford Excel Small Animal Show' (The biggest rabbit show in the UK'. There were 4 competitions over the weekend, and overall in first place was 'Mini Adidas' owned by Ann Daniels, in second place was 'Rowan' owned by Vivien Jamieson and in third place was 'Harley' owned by Demi Smith. Thanks to Supreme Pet Foods and Burgess Pet Foods for supplying prizes.


13/9/09 - We had 3 rabbits jumping today at a display at the 'London Championship Small Animal Show', these were 'Flash' and 'Harley' owned by Demi Smith and 'Baby Marmaduke' owned by Nicole Barrett.


1/8/09 - There were 7 entries in the jumping at Emley Agricultural Show. In first place was 'Harley' owned by Demi Smith. In second place was 'Flash' and third was 'Jez', also owned by Demi Smith.


13/6/09 - We had a good turnout of 10 entries at the UK's first rabbit jumping competition which was held at Honley Agricultural Show. In the over 12's section, best small rabbit belonged to Amy Barrett and best large rabbit belonged to Sam Craven. In the under 12's section, best small rabbit belonged to Isabelle Seabridge. Thanks to Wagg Pet Foods for supplying prizes.


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Originating in Sweden in 1980’s Kaninhopping as it is known has since spread widely throughout Europe, being introduced to the UK by RJUK! Rabbit Jumping is suitable for all ages of people and rabbits of all abilities however some are more suited to jumping than others. RJUK keeps in like with the Animal Welfare Act and you will never see our rabbits being pulled along and over exposed to jumping nor will they be forced to jump. We encourage owners to build up a bond with their rabbits and slowly introduce them to jumping.


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